Muslim Business List


A free resource to help British customers to find and support Muslim owned businesses across multiple industries.


Let’s lift our community by spending the Muslim pound on businesses that can grow and continue to support the causes that matter to us.


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Toys & Gifts

Peacock Supplies

Imaan Kidz

Salam Occasion

Ibadah London

Quote Lovin

My Salah Mat

Lila & Tiny

Safar London

My First Masjid

Once Upon A Dua

Desi Doll

Star x Crescent

Royal Sejadah

Quran Cube

The Lettered Inkling

Muslimah Prints

Ilmah Kids

Anafiya Gifts

I Dot Doodle

Eid Party

My First Box

Studio Saba

Lunar Celebrations

Nadan Store

Silver Lining

Sensory Sensation

Premium DIrect Supplies

Artz-i Islamic Gallery

Shaadi Superstore

Books & Stationery

Towards Faith

Learning Roots

Shade 7 Publishing

Quran Trace

Ibn Daud Books

Bismillah Bees

Zac & Aslam

Aisha’s Accessories

Al Qasas Learning

Tarbiyah Islamiyyah


Lantern Book Club

Waw Stories

LIttle Hibba

Hands On Quran

Faith Books

Muslim Children’s Books

Kube Publishing

Islamic Moments

Chickpea Press

Ruqaya’s Bookshelf

Organised By Iman

Sara Khan

Get My 365

Noor Nursery Books

The Mosque Sketcher

The Book Mart

Wahda Designs

Mushaf Designs

Beauty & Fragrance


Sunna Musk

Shifa Aromas

Esse Aromas


Nuhr Home


Mista Oud


London Beard Company

Nafs London

Oud Attar

Candles & Oud

Inara Living

Amore Terrae

Nuqi Skin

AS Living

Fashion & Jewellery

Yalla Shop

Imani & Co

Nimah London


Silq Rose

Amaanah London

The Abaya Company

Imaan Active

By Ansaree

Hayn Closet

Samphia Jewellery

Al Huda Clothing

Shaheen Salim

On Her Deen

Evolute Clothing

Unity Caps

Food & Drink

Truffle & Tea

The Date Parlour


Elate Chocolates

Figs & Olives

Ali’s Cakehouse

The Bakhlava Company


The Mocktail Company

Prophetic Blends

Flip & Sear


Whisks & Wonders

Halal Sweets & Treats


Peacock Fulfilment

Studio Noor Anisa

Emerald Network

Peony Events

Nafisa Sultan

Amazon FBA Kickstarter

Milk Photography

Sakeenah Tours

Silk & Ribbons

British Muslim Magazine

Syed PR



Niyyah Management

Dawood Logistics

Al HQ Law


Eye For Social

Sukkar & Spice

International Brands

Huda Beauty


Wae Nordic

Sealed With Duas

The Date Palm

Aniq Design


Halal Socks

Nur Shop

Barakah Boutique

Eastern Toy Box

Souq Australia

The LIttle Believers

Crescent Moon Books

Happy Street Store



Muslim Memories

My Deen Magazine

Dear Muslim Kids

The Dua Journal

Noor Books

Zuhoor Designs


Nafisa Designs

Rush To Mecca

5ive Pillars

El Hidaya

Wooden Minar


Tiyo Atelier

Inner Beautee

Sabiquon Books

Quran 365 Project

Hikma Store

Maryam’s Corner


Al Barakah Books

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