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5 Essentials For The Best Dulhan Shower

Congratulations, you’re getting married! One of the most exciting events in the lead-up to the big day is the Dulhan Shower, a pre-wedding celebration for the bride-to-be.


With the wedding not long to go, the thought of planning anything else can be draining, never mind actually having to organise it. A lot of brides get help from their bridal party, family, and friends when it comes to planning the Dulhan Shower to take away most of the stress that comes with party planning. But if you’re anything like us, you will want your Dulhan Shower to be perfect and won’t be able to stop yourself from getting involved in the planning.


Whether you’re doing the planning yourself or relying on your nearest and dearest, here are some of our absolute essentials for a Dulhan Shower to remember!


Photo Backdrop


Team Dulhan Balloons


It’s the run-up to your wedding, so of course you are going to want to capture the special moments shared with your family and friends – so don’t forget to have an insta-ready photo spot prepared for your Dulhan Shower.


If you’ve got a big space to fill, our Team Dulhan Balloon Bundle makes for the perfect space filler and looks great in photos. Gather everyone under the balloons for a group photo or take some selfies, either way, these balloons look picture-perfect every time!


Photo Props


Team Dulhan Photo Props - 15 pack


Have some fun with photo props during your Dulhan Shower, for some hilarious photos to look back on and laugh at. Photo props are a great way to get your camera-shy relatives involved in the fun, so you can make sure you can have at least one photo of everyone who attended your Dulhan Shower.


Our photo props match the rest of our Dulhan range and come in stunning pink designs. Whilst they are just a bit of fun, these photo props still look classy and elegant but are a fun added extra to your Dulhan Shower.


Team Dulhan & Dulhan To Be Sashes


Dulhan To Be Sash


These beautiful silk Team Dulhan and Dulhan to-be sashes will surely add some fun to your pre-wedding party celebrations! Our sashes are silky soft, with our ‘Team Dulhan’ sashes coming in pink with white text whilst the ‘Dulhan To Be’ sash is white with rose gold text.


Upon arrival, you can greet your friends and family with a Team Dulhan Sash to make sure everyone feels welcome and in the party mood. Obviously, the Dulhan Shower is all about the bride-to-be, so you can have your own Dulhan To Be sash to make sure you stand out in photos.


Table & Indoor Decorations


Mubarak Table Party Range


What’s a party without some decorations? Finding matching decorations to your parties theme can be a challenge, but our Mubarak Party In A Box has everything from banners to plates and cutlery so you don’t have to worry about matching them all.


We sell everything in the Party In A Box separately too, so if you think you’ll need extra cups or balloons you can simply order a few more, safe in the knowledge that they will match the decorations you already have!


Party Games


How Well Do You Know The Bride Game (10pk)


Every party needs a party game, so what better time to see how well your friends and family know you than at your Dulhan Shower with our How Well Do You Know The Bride Party Game. Want to keep the party games going? Then we also have Guess The Bollywood Movie Game too!


If you want to up the anti, you can offer prizes for the winners. We think keeping the prizes a surprise adds to the fun and anticipation, so hide your gifts in our Mubarak Party Favour Boxes – and of course, they match the rest of your decorations!


If you want to cut down on the amount of time and effort when it comes to planning your Dulhan Shower we’d recommend our Party In A Box ranges, which have everything you need for a beautifully decorated party. There are three to choose between for your Dulhan Shower, Mubarak Party In A Box, Dulhan Shower Party In A Box, and Dulhan Shower Bridal Party Kit so no matter what your needs are Peacock Supplies has got you covered!


You can find our full Dulhan Shower collection here.