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Wonderful Wedding Gifts For Muslim Couples

If there’s one thing we love here at Peacock Supplies it’s Wedding Season. There is nothing that fills us with so much joy than seeing the love that is shared between two people and their families be celebrated. Not forgetting the parties that come with such a celebration!

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a tricky task, especially if the happy couple haven’t provided a wish list. Luckily, we’ve compiled some of our favourite wedding gift ideas which are sure to go down a treat with the bride and groom.


Milestone Plaques 

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What better way for the happy couple to capture all of their special moments than with our Couples Milestone Plaques – there is even one for them to use on their wedding day!

We love the idea of a couple creating a photo album or scrapbook filled with pictures of them holding our milestone plaques along with mementos and other photographs from that day. It’s not unusual for us to forget to capture the moment, and our Milestone Plaques will prevent that from happening!

We also have a set of milestone plaques for babies and children, so as their family starts growing they can keep up the tradition.


Personalised Artwork 

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We love the idea of giving a personalised gift, and this made-to-order Wedding Venue Artwork will look beautiful hung up in the home.

You’ll need to upload a photo of the venue and then just add the couple’s names and the date of their wedding for the artist to create a wonderful personalised piece of art.

It’s such a special piece that is sure to be loved and cherished throughout their marriage!

There are tons of personalisable artwork out there to choose from, so if you think the couple would prefer a portrait you are sure to find the perfect piece for them.


Food Hamper

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A luxurious food hamper makes for the perfect wedding gift, especially if the couple will be coming home from honeymoon to empty cupboards!

This Fortnum & Mason Spring Hamper has a great selection of biscuits, preserves and savoury snacks that are bound to go down a treat, and with everything boxed up these treats will last for months after the wedding.


Keepsake Box 

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The bride and groom are bound to want to keep memories from their wedding, so what better gift than a gorgeous storage box for all their wedding keepsakes.

You don’t have to go down the personalised route with this gift, but we can’t help but swoon over the classic wooden box with the option to engrave their names and the date of their wedding. But with personalisation the options are endless, you can choose to engrave the box with a loving quote or inside joke – but names are the safest option to ensure the gift is loved.


Tahaabu Tahaadu!