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Ramadan Gift Guide For The Whole Family

At its heart, Ramadan is a time for self-reflection and spiritual growth whilst also being a great opportunity to show our appreciation for friends and family through giving and sharing.

As we approach Ramadan, many of us will be planning the perfect parties and gifts to celebrate.

We can’t think of a better way to show our thanks to our loved ones than by giving a thoughtful gift. However, there are always some that can be tricky to buy for.

Whether you’re stuck for ideas or are looking for some Ramadan-themed presents, you’re in the right place!

Here are some of our favourite Ramadan gifts.


Ramadan Activity Book


Getting children involved in religious activities can be tedious at times – especially if they just want to play!

That’s why we love this Ramadan Activity Book, it helps kids to learn about Ramadan in a fun child-friendly way whilst also being a great way to keep them busy.

The book is full of both practical and contextualised activities to help children learn more about Ramadan and how it affects their lives and the world around them.

With 86 pages of fun-filled activities including puzzles, stories, recipes, and stickers that you’re kids are sure to love, you can get on with party prep in peace.


Ramadan Chocolate Calendar

On the topic of getting the kids involved in Ramadan, these chocolate calendars are a great way of counting down the days till Eid.

Filled with premium chocolate, these calendars give you the best value for your money in comparison to the others on the market in terms of taste, design, and most importantly – the size of the chocolates!


Prayer Mat


A prayer mat is exceptionally useful for Muslims, making it the perfect gift for Ramadan or Eid.

Whether you know someone who could do with a new prayer mat or would benefit from having a second at hand, we think everyone would be thrilled with a new prayer mat at this time of year.

We love these travel pocket prayer mats which are light and compact making them easy to carry around with you. Great for the adventurers amongst us who love travelling!


Halal Sweet Jars


Who doesn’t love sweets?!

These sweets are completely Halal-friendly and come packaged in these gorgeous lantern-style jars.

The Halal Sweet Lanterns would be perfect in a food hamper but are just as amazing as a stand-alone gift for those with a sweet tooth.

With a wide selection of some of the nation’s favourite flavours, they are bound to be loved by many and make for the perfect treat after a day of fasting!


The Quran


The Quran is the ultimate gift that just keeps giving!

It holds benefits for both the giver and receiver, as whenever someone reads it you will receive good deeds.

It’s a great Ramadan gift as the Quran is a source of guidance and inspiration, while also being a valuable tool for learning more about Islam.

Giving a loved one the Quran will no doubt touch their heart, especially if they are in a place where they need reassurance and guidance.


Chocolate Dates

Dates are a traditional food in Islam which are encouraged to be eaten to break your fast, making them a great gift during Ramadan.

They are both delicious and nutritious, and these chocolate-covered dates are a great way to treat those who have a sweet tooth.


There isn’t a rule for what makes an appropriate Ramadan gift. The best gifts are always the ones beneficial to the recipient.

The Prophet Muhammad said “Give each other gifts and you will love one another.” (Al-Adab-Al-Mufrad 594).

This could be a gift of your own making or even just your presence could be the best gift for your friends and family. Remember, Ramadan is all about reflection and appreciation – not presents!