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Our Hanukkah Collection 2022

Menorah Candles on Dinner Table

As the end of the year rolls around, we look forward to celebrating the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. 

Hanukkah is commonly known as the festival of lights, due to the remarkable story of how the menorah stayed lit for eight days from only one day’s worth of oil after the liberation of Jerusalem. 

This year we will celebrate Hanukkah on Sunday 18th December for eight days, ending on the evening of the 26th December. This is when we enter the 25th day of Kislev in the Hebrew lunar-solar calendar. 

Here at Peacock Supplies, we have everything you need to celebrate Hanukkah 2022, because what’s a celebration without a few decorations? 

Party In A Box – Hanukkah – Blue & Silver

PSJ015 1

For those wanting to go all-out, our Party In A Box – Hanukkah set has everything you need to decorate your home ready for the Festival of Lights. 

All of these items are in our blue and silver Hanukkah theme, which can transform any room into the perfect place for a celebration.

Hanukkah Party Pack – Blue & Silver

PSJ016 1

Our Hanukkah party pack is perfect for you if you are throwing a buffet for your family and friends. Not only does it look amazing and make the celebration feel special, but it also saves you having to time on the washing up! 

Indulge in all of the traditional Jewish foods such as Latkes, Blintzes, and sufganiyot in style this Hanukkah. 

Happy Hanukkah Party Balloons (10pk) – Blue & Silver 

PSJ012 1

Whether you want to make add a little colour to your home for Hanukkah or are in need of something that will help younger children feel involved in the fun of the celebration, our party balloons are a great choice. 

In Israel, Hanukkah is a state holiday, with one of the main events during the festival being the running relay from Modi’in to Jerusalem. 

Whilst runners traditionally carry burning torches through the streets, you could have fun with the kids at home by replacing the torches for our Hanukkah balloons. You could stage a small relay as one of your party games, with the winner getting to light the menorah. 

Happy Hanukkah Gift Bag – Blue & Silver 

PSJ013 1 1

If you are not hosting a party for Hanukkah but are attending one, you may want to give a gift to your host. Our Hanukkah-themed gift bag makes a big impression and looks fantastic, whilst being a practical way to carry gifts safely.

Our Hanukkah gift bag is in our signature blue and silver decorative style, so will look great as a stand-alone purchase or alongside other items in our range. 

What’s even better is our gift bag can be saved and used time and time again!  

You can find our full Hanukkah collection here.

No matter how you are celebrating Hanukkah this year, we hope you have a great time surrounded by family and friends. 

Hanukkah Sameach!